In bombshell, UK megabank Barclays reveals its CEO is being probed over links to an American financier and convicted sex offender who committed suicide in jail last year

Let me explain how believing Epstein committed suicide helps protect his Will, AKA the bribe used to silence his victims and protect his co-conspirators.

Epstein signed his Last Will and Testament on August 8th 2019, 2 days before his suicide. The Will placed $577,672,654 in assets offshore in the US Virgin Islands, in the 1953 Trust, out of reach of his victims.

This is the Last Will and Testament of Jeffrey E. Epstein.

Here Lawyers explain the Will, in particular how the arrangements are deliberately designed to make it near impossible for his victims to access his assets. In order to be awarded compensation his victims must submit claims against his estate before March 13th 2020:

All persons with claims against the Estate are required to present their claims within six months from the date of this Notice, verified by affidavit and accompanied by vouchers or other documentary proof justifying their claims, and all persons indebted to the Estate are required to promptly make payment to the Executors at the offices of the attorneys for the Estate set forth below or to the Clerk of the Court at the Alexander A. Farrelly Justice Center, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Dated: September 13, 2019 






The notice was soon deleted from the US Virgin Islands’ news website it was hosted on, but I found it on Wayback Machine. Epstein’s layers, Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn, were paid $250,000 each to control the Trust.

However, if it’s proven that his lawyers knew Epstein was going 2 commit suicide 2 days later, but nevertheless helped him set his affairs straight or if it’s proven he was of unsound mind (suicidal), his Will could be challenged ; see Sinyor et al. 2015, who found 20.7% of 285 suicide notes contained Will content:

People dying by suicide do think about their beneficiaries and the fate of their assets prior to ending their lives. Indeed, this may suggest that, for some people, will-making may not only be a sign of impending death by suicide but actually apart of the suicide act.

If the Will can be invalidated, his victims could get compensation without agreeing to drop their case against Epstein’s estate and his co-conspirators. They could continue to pursue justice and potentially open a can of worms.

Virginia Giuffre attempted to challenge the Will in Sept 2019, by attempting to block Indyke and Kahn from becoming executors of the Trust, but she failed. Several other victims have not accepted the bribe yet, I think a few have settled already.

I would be happy to further explain the autopsy and the events at the Jail, MCC New York on August 8-9th. Why these support suicide rather than murder.


Sinyor, M., Schaffer, A., Hull, I., Peisah, C. and Shulman, K., 2015. Last wills and testaments in a large sample of suicide notes: implications for testamentary capacity. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 206(1), pp.72-76.

Edit: Added quote from inyor et al. 2015.

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