Blasphemy 'is no crime', says Macron amid French girl's anti-Islam row – The French president defended the teenager, named only as Mila, who received death threats and was forced out of her school after filming an anti-religious diatribe on social media.

She didn’t just randomly attack Muslims either. A homophobic Muslim made anti gay comments to a 16 year old girl. In response she replied to him on Instagram that “Islam is a religion of hate”

And then she got a barrage of abuse and death threats and had to stop going to school for fear of her life. Meanwhile the guy who subjected her to homophobic abuse has had no repercussions.

Edit: I should point out that I was born and raised in Egypt before moving to the US. While I am not religious my family is Christian and part of why I came to the US was to escape religious persecution. The fact that it’s come to France now where you can’t say something negative about Islam without fearing for your life is deeply troubling. This is why people like me left places like Egypt. Don’t bring that shit here

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