Astronomers will sweep the entire sky for signs of extraterrestrial life for the first time, using 28 giant radio telescopes in an unprecedented hunt for alien civilisations.

I’m with Hawking. Earth is the only planet we have right now. No colonies on other planets yet. No back-up human race starter kits in a moon bunker. Pretty sure anyone in a space station would get fucked if the aliens were bad. And to risk it all for a hello? At least observe the things for a while first, jeez.

I would want to establish contact at some point, too, if possible and if wise, but only if there was some degree of knowing. That Siemions guy seems so gung-ho about it that he would risk it all just to find out if they are friendly. We don’t know if there is life out there. And if there is – what kind? Just because other life exists, doesn’t mean we are the same.

I’d hate to be racist to whoever those aliens are or to foster fear and hatred for them if they truly are nice. But uhhh. The quick answer isn’t always the smart answer. I like to know what I’m getting into. Or at least that they aren’t the white blood cells of the universe trying to exterminate any and all forms of carbon-based life because they see us as some kind of planet virus.

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