All 4 federal prosecutors quit case against Trump ally Roger Stone after DOJ undercuts prosecutors on sentencing reques

This was the closing argument in the Stone case from the most recent prosecutor to resign in protest, Michael Marando:

“Truth matters. Truth still matters. In our institutions of self-governance, committee hearings, courts of law … truth still matters. You don’t look at it and you don’t say ‘so what.’”

Their sentencing memo merely accepted the guideline estimate from the probation office. Then Trump tweeted his rage, and Barr ordered DOJ to issue a statement supporting Trump’s position. Now all four signatories have resigned in protest, and Trump has just declared from the oval office that he has the “absolute right” to tell DOJ what to do on the prosecution of his oldest political advisor.

Note that this is the same office that Barr is using to vindictively prosecute Trump’s self-appointed enemy Andrew McCabe despite apparently not even being able to secure a Grand Jury indictment (a trivially easy step for a valid investigation), and the judge instructing them to drop the case 4 months ago if they couldn’t indict. This likely caused Barr to demote the previous DC Attorney Jessie Liu and replace her with a personal aide (Edit – Holy shit, Trump has just this moment withdrawn Liu’s nomination for the post she was demoted to). He is using the DC office as a sword against Trump’s enemies, and shield for his allies.

To get an idea of how fundamental an assault on our Republic this represents: In Plato’s Republic, authored 24 centuries ago, the very first [topic in Book I is Justice](, and the very first argument that Socrates dispatches is the idea that justice is “the art which gives good to friends and evil to enemies.” Barr is undermining the oldest, most fundamental concepts of a just, democratic society.

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